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We are an equal opportunity employer that actively recruits and offers careers to citizens from the surrounding local communities in which we work. While we do hire single individuals, most of our work is ideal for semi-retired couples. The majority of our work locations are on remote sites in Alberta which operate 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Workers are housed in one-bedroom Wellsite Office units, therefore ideally we seek mature couples who are in a long term relationships or same sex work partners willing to work and cohabitate at the worksite. Schedules are varied depending on the contract term and location. Workers may be hired on a full time or seasonal basis, depending upon the type of contracts that are available. We help you to develop a work schedule that suits your lifestyle, therefore each couples schedule is unique. As to the length of time on a site, typically winter is our busiest season and we will ensure that before any worker is assigned to a location, they are adequately trained, suitably qualified and have sufficient experience to perform the work safely, effectively and competently.

Looking for a Career?

E-mail resumes with references and any current valid training certifications to:

The following criteria will be required and are mandatory in order to work in the oil and gas industry at remote locations as a Security Guard:

  • Security Guard Individual License & Criminal Record Check Download the application using this link: click here
  • 40 Hour Alberta Security Guard Training Certification:  Mandatory training course or provide proof of equivalent training. For more information click here.
  • Standard Level First Aid & CPR:  Two day certification course available from any St. John’s Ambulance training facility.
  • H2S Alive Certification: One day certification course available at various facilities in  AB, BC, SK
  • *CSTS – Construction Safety Training System: 
  • *Bear or Wildlife Awareness Certification:
  • Continuous training & other courses may be required as deemed necessary under our Health & Safety Program.
Checklist Paper And Pen.

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