Our History

Our history starts in 1998, when the company founders were approached by an industry with increasing concerns of security access control issues with relation to various oilfield construction activities in remote locations.

Industrial users have to be able to meet the conditions of their road use agreements in that the on-site gate must be closed, locked and monitored at all times. If the gate is found to be left open, the company will lose the use of the road as a failure to meet the road use conditions.

In response, the company went to work in the Fox Creek, Alberta area to ensure the user met the intent of the LOC conditions on the road and restrict access to the Woodland Caribou breeding area during scheduled industrial activities.

The results not only included the awareness of the amount of attempted unauthorized access, but brought about a decrease in theft, vandalism and poaching incidents. As well as heightening local users safety awareness. 

Consequently, word of the success of manned security gates traveled quickly throughout the industry. The company expanded operations to Northern Alberta and B.C to include monitoring of road use agreements for companies requiring on-site verification of road users.

Once again, the data gleaned from these operations supported the concern that large numbers of users were accessing privately owned roads without authorization. Causing issues in not only legal, but in safety matters. These discoveries brought to light the importance of accurate data collection. The kind can only be obtained by vigilant 24 hour on-site manned security monitoring of access points.

In 2003, the founders retired, paving the way for the current owner to further expand company operations. Backed by experience as the General Office Manager, Safety Coordinator and Quality Control officer of an Oilfield Facility Construction Company, the new owner of Service Masters Security has continued to address the concerns of the industry for oilfield security issues.

The company has further expanded and become a leader in its category with the implementation of a stringent Health and Safety Program within industry requirements of COR certified performance standards. Service Masters Security’s is committed to a high standard of corporate leadership, worker education and health and safety. This will ensure that Security and Safety to oilfield and industrial activities is monitored and restricted by a company that understands the various specific industry needs.