Monitoring and Compliance enforcement

The Government of Alberta implements LOC conditions for all lease access roads. These roads may require that a closed, locked, & monitored gate be in place that restricts access & thereby reduces the impact to endangered wildlife habitat such as Woodland Caribou and Grizzly Bear.

During times of approved Oil & Gas and industrial activities, it may be impossible for oil companies to ensure that these gates remain closed and locked at all times.  By hiring an approved independent Security Agency to provide 24 hour manned security gate services to control the access points they demonstrate to the regulators that they are meeting and exceeding the intent of the LOC conditions.

Service Masters Security specializes in manned security gates and our presence onsite is a proven deterrence of theft, vandalism, and poaching.  Additionally our worksites are the communication and control center at industrial activity access points, which effectively assist in the safety, culture of remote work locations so that everyone may get to their destinations safely!

Equipped to provide:

  • Two experienced staff per gate, trained & hired locally when possible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Ensure your company meets the intent of the LOC conditions of the access road
  • Document all incoming and outgoing traffic (Data provided to the vendor)
  • Ensure all potential industrial users have a road use agreement in effect
  • Enforce road bans
  • Monitor usage for road maintenance agreements
  • Secure access to tight holes
  • Restrict access to sour wells to qualified personnel only
  • Enforce Mandatory Radio Communications where required
  • Help to satisfy the concerns of Sustainable Resources Development / Alberta Sustainable Resources Development (ASRD)
  • Reduce impact affecting migration and breeding in wildlife sensitive areas such as endangered caribou & grizzly
  • Enforce mandatory chain up requirements or mandatory non-chain bans on ice-roads
  • Discourage speeding
  • Discourage theft, vandalism and poaching
  • Encourage safe driving
  • Improve your company’s corporate image to activist groups and ensure “Best Practices” are met
Monitoring and Compliance Enforcement
Monitoring and Compliance Enforcement

Keeping a Watchful Eye!

And accurate records!