With one phone call, we provide the fully trained personnel and Security Equipment and Set Up to ensure the security and safety of any work site or lease access point 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for short or long term contracts.

Upon meeting with the client to determine the scope of the security requirements for the organization, we customize the security needs to the worksite.

Once we are provided with an LSD and a start date we will ensure all necessary specifications for setup and take down are fulfilled.


Overhead area lighting

Flashing Lights

Red & Amber Flashing roadside lights


All applicable road signage as required

Cell Boosters

Cell phones complete with yagi & boosters

First Aid

First Aid Equipment & Supplies

ERP Equipment

All required ERP Equipment

Satellite Dish

Satellite dishes for remote access


Security cameras and monitors

Satellite Phones

Satellite Phones for communication in remote areas

Backup Power Plants

Diesel power plants with back-up units

Vehicles Available

Crew vehicle on site

Drop Gates

Highly functional electronic drop gates


Base Station 2 – way radios

Mobile Office Units

Fully self contained well site unit.

Motion Sensing

Advanced Warning Motion Sensor Equipment

PPE & Uniforms

Uniforms, ID and all appropriate PPE

Reports & Forms

All required forms & log sheets

Computers & Software

Computers complete with our Security Trackthat-App and E-mail

Complete Oilfield Security Set Up!