Is an unmanned gate stopping you?

At SMS we use “Security Gate” to tell our oilfield security clients Why Manned Security is Important.


Site access control and documentation:

In order to ensure you meet the intent of the LOC we will restrict access to your worksites based on your Approved Vendors list. We will also provide you with support documentation using our Security Trackthat-App. This program provides to you, the client customized user defined, on-demand reports as required.

Enforcement of 2-way Radio Use:

43% of all reportable incidents while driving on oilfield/industrial roads are due to lack of 2-way radio communication. We will provide the on-site enforcement to ensure compliance of road users through face-to-face reinforcement & encouragement of safe driving. We will also be conducting on the spot radio checks, and the ability to provide hand held radios to anyone without a radio-equipped vehicle.

Communications & Control Center:

Reports of unsafe driving come into our control center daily. All road users requiring area access will be briefed as to, lease/medic locations, area conditions & speed limits, road use rules, known hazards, and safety communication requirements. Furthermore, we provide emergency communication equipment and liaison duties whenever necessary. This may include a local contact centre for those who fall under the “working alone” criteria.

Ungulate Area Access Monitoring: 

Current legislation requires that companies meet the conditions of Public Access Management in Woodland Caribou Ranges and Grizzly Bear Management Areas. Our services ensure that industry meets the intent of the LOC conditions on the access road. To support survival statistics we also provide species sighting information to Alberta Sustainable Resources Development (ASRD).

Road Use Agreement & Road Ban Enforcement: 

In 2001 CAPP acknowledged that current Industry Practices in Road Use Agreements is not a simple issue.  Our company has extensive experience in on-site monitoring of road usage by industry and can provide you with the on-site documentation of all road users and effectively enforce Road Bans that are largely ignored when un-monitored.

Incident Tracking & Awareness: 

40% of reportable incidents at area access points are recognized security threats, with scanning & turn-a-round’s being the #1 threat. Scanning is identified as the number one suspicious behavior indicating the planning or progress of an incident that may include: Theft, Vandalism, Poaching, Terrorism, or planned assault.

Theft Deterrence:

  On-site security presence is the only proven deterrence mechanism to theft and vandalism attempts.  Most would be thieves and vandals will abort planned activities once they are aware of security’s presence.

Your Field Crews Safety:

We are a COR Safety Certified Company with a strong commitment to the Health and Safety of our own and your workers! Our commitment to our Partnership in Health and Safety will help support a Safe and Healthy Workplace for everyone involved in your company’s project.


Prevent and control entry and exit points. When equipped with highly trained staff members they effectively protect property by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and/or inappropriate actions, observing and documenting all suspicious activities and promptly reporting any incidents to you the client or emergency services as appropriate.

Access & Asset Monitoring:

24/7 manned security presence is the only proven way to restrict and monitor access to your company’s assets and to ensure your company meets the conditions of your AOA plan and road use agreement requirements.

Traffic Monitoring: 

Recording of all area traffic vehicle and driver details provides the documentation required to effectively monitor and record crucial information that may be required in tracing suspicious activities and suspects. 45% of traffic incidents are due to impaired drivers and are industries #1 safety concern. By actively checking through each motorist, we are able to visually assess the ability of the driver to safely operate the motor vehicle and take pro-active action when necessary.


Our staff is trained to effectively and professionally communicate with work crews, members of the public, and government workers. Through effective communication, we are able to reinforce your company’s safety culture by educating everyone at point of entry or exit of area safety concerns and enforcing access restriction to your specifications.